Limited $22 tickets left for GA Festival! Prices increase Thursday!
The 5th annual Heroes Brew Fest returns to Waterfront Park on Saturday, July 22! This year's festival will feature beer, art, tech, music & more, including celebrity DJ Kristian Nairn aka Hodor from Game of Thrones! Join us on the biggest comic weekend of the year for live comic book artists such as Lord Mesa & custom augmented reality set pieces designed by world renowned art exhibitor, Sutu!
Prices increase this THURSDAY at 11:59pm. Get your sidekicks together & get your tickets for as low as $22 before they're gone! Use code GOVAVI10 to save an additional 10%, but hurry, this code is only valid until Thursday!
What's Coming Up:
June 13th
Team VAVi Running Club: Last Chance For Free Trial
Team VAVi Running Club has its doors open for a full two weeks into the training season for you to have a chance to come check it out!
Nov 2nd
Competitive Basketball Downtown This Fall
NEW LEAGUE ALERT! Downtown athletes, get on the interest list now to stay in the know about the latest deals and deadlines!

Soccer City Interview with Landon Donovan at VAVi!
Check out our interview with Landon Donovan on their stance about Soccer City. See the interview here!
Team Of The Week: Terps
Men's Competitive Basketball Wednesdays in La Jolla
In Other News:
SDUnite – Office & Operations Managers Conference
Are you or someone you know the glue in the office that ties it all together? Check out SDunite, the #1 connection for Office and Operations Managers in San Diego.
Leagues Launching:
Leagues launching will be discounted by 10%. Valid for 1 week only.
Fri, July 12th Kickball Quickie in PB details
Fri, July 12th Soccer Quickie in PB details
Weds, July 19th Social Beach Volleyball in OB details
Weds,July 19th Competitive Beach Volleyball in OB details
Thurs, July 20th Intermediate Beach Volleyball in OB details
Thurs, July 20th Social Beach Volleyball in OB details
Mon, July 24th Soccer in Point Loma details
Tues, July 25th Intermediate Beach Volleyball in OB details
Tues, July 25th Social Beach Volleyball in OB details
Weds, July 26th Intermediate Sand Volleyball in Del Mar details
Weds, July 26th Intermediate Indoor Volleyball in Downtown details
Tues, Aug 9th Softball in Colina Del Sol details
Weds, Aug 10th Kickball in OB details
Sun, Aug 13th Men's Soccer in PB details
View all leagues
Early Bird Deadlines:
Tues, June 13th Soccer in Mira Mesa details
Tues, June 13th Intermediate Indoor Volleyball in La Jolla details
Weds, June 14th Soccer in Downtown details
Weds, June 14th Men's Basketball in La Jolla details
Weds, June 14th Competitive Tennis in Point Loma details
Thurs, June 15th Intermediate Indoor Volleyball in Carmel Valley details
Thurs, June 15th Bowling in Downtown details
Fri, June 16th Kickball in PB details
Sat, June 17th Hiking in San Diego details
Mon, June 19th Softball in OB details
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